I’ve become a symbol. I don’t want to be a symbol, responsible for something huge that I don’t understand, that I don’t want to work on, that keeps coming back to me. I’m not an entrepreneur. I’m not a CEO. I’m a nerdy computer programmer who likes to have opinions on Twitter.
Markus “Notch” Persson, the creator of Minecraft, explaining why he sold his company and why he won’t be involved going forward — which, perhaps, shouldn’t be surprising at all. (via parislemon)

MinecraftThe popular, indie game where where you can build and be anything is set to be bought by Microsoft for a staggering $2.5 billion.

 The game is only a one time fee of $20 and is available on a variety of devices and consoles.  As far as games go, this is pretty cheap (New releases for consoles go for $60).

Why is it valued so high then?  Well Re/Code says its because of the game’s dedicated and growing fan base, its status as the highest paid-for app in the App and Play Store, and the huge following on Twitch and YouTube.

As an avid gamer, I am quite surprised that I haven’t played this game.  I love the creative component of the game, maybe I’ll give it a spin.